The Startup Hub for Entrepreneurs (

Startup Hub consists of the following six platforms that is a startup eco-system for entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses.  

Face-to-face Entrepreneurship Development

SmartGobal, the Executive Education company, offers two startup courses.

  1. Getting Your Business Idea Started - The Entrepreneurship Program by SmartGlobal' - helps entrepreneurs use principles of Lean Startup (build, measure, learn) to prototype, test, and craft their idea to discover the financial underpinning of their business model in 16-20 weeks while continuing to work. This enables entrepreneurs to take low-risk decisions to start their business. Go 
  2. The distance acceleration program - Accelerate Your Business Startup - by SmartGlobal has four modules - Problem Solution Fit (How do consumers respond to the idea), Product Market Fit (how well a product that resonates with customers), Business Model Metrics (establishing the numbers underlying the idea), and Business Metrics (when and how to grow). 

Entrepreneur CEO Networking and Development program

SmartGlobal offers a unique Entrepreneur CEO development program. The program offers an opportunity for SMEs to reflect on their businesses with peers in a confidential setting on weekends over 6 months, meeting every three weeks.

School and College Program

Two online programs, one for the 12th grade of school and the other for college (undergraduate and MBA), based on lean startup methodology enable students to learn by starting a business in 16-20 weeks.